"Anne always makes you feel so welcome and at ease. The class suits all ages and fitness levels. She is brilliant at leading you into a state of deep relaxation. Very regenerative, very energising. Great for reducing anxiety and stress levels. What more could you ask for these days?"

John & Maryan McLaughlin

"Om-tastic! What can I say, I have been going to Anne's class for a number of years now and I love it. Anne and the people at the class are all so friendly. I look forward to the class, as it is my time that I put all of my stress and worries out of my head for a while. I always feel good after the class and sleep well that night. Thank you Anne for being such a great teacher and friend."

Katrina Brown

"Anne's yoga class at the Swallow has everything going for it. The yoga is great and at a nice level for beginners and those with previous experience. Anne is a lovely instructor and her belief in daily laughter is really infectious. Where else do you get yoga with a joke every week? It is also a really friendly and social class. I recommend it to anyone wanting to try yoga or to get back to it after a break."

Maureen Adamson

"Thanks Anne for a fab yoga class, as well as working us hard we always have lots of fun and laughter too, which is just as important."

Liz Smillie

"I started Anne's Yoga class 5 years ago due to a lower back injury and the Yoga stretches my whole body, as a result my back very rarely bothers me and the relaxation is to die for, the best thing that I have tried. Thanks Anne."

Cathy Smith

"I always look forward to a Wednesday night, it’s great fun and very relaxing!"

Alice Walsh

"Anne's Yoga class gives you time for yourself. I personally have benefited greatly from her classes. A fabulous mind and body experience, highly recommended."

Pat Parkin

"When my sister started her Yoga class she told me it would help my golf game, I wasn't sure but I joined the class, now 5 years later I realise it was a good decision. My game is still good, it is a very friendly group of people and I always feel better after it. P.S. The highlight is the joke at the end eeeh!"

Brian Byrne