Thanking you for visiting Om-tastic-Yoga!

I would like to encourage you to come and try one of my classes in the Glasgow area as I am passionate about yoga and truly believe that it can be beneficial to everyone.

Whether or not you are fit, young or old, out of shape or are suffering with an illness you could benefit from one of the services that I can provide. If you are just interested in a class for keeping fit or are you not so keen to go into crowds, or would you prefer a one to one session by yourself, or maybe you would like your friend to come too! Perhaps you work too much and can’t get out the office – I can come to you!

About yoga

Yoga was developed in India around 5000 years ago and it is a philosophy, "the art and science of living" which encourages a journey to discover yourself and to find balance in your life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Yoga offers us many tools including the postures, breathing practices, sound and meditation that can help us on this journey, this can help increase our energy levels; mentally we become more focused improving our ability to concentrate more. However one of the most important parts and benefits from practicing Yoga is that eventually we become more relaxed when we find out more about our own breath, which can be revolutionary, allowing us to become emotionally stable and more contented with life!

I would encourage anyone to try Yoga no matter what age, size or even at any fitness level. Initially you can achieve more flexibility and increase your energy levels with the postures (asana) but also your focus and concentration improves which slowly allows the natural progression of being able to relax more, help you live a calmer life and learn to deal with the challenges that life inevitably throws at us.

The possible benefits of Yoga

  • Increases your own physical strength and flexibility
  • Re-aligns the body physically
  • Helps you become more toned
  • Restore and regulate your energy levels
  • Teaches you how to relax and deal with everyday issues better
  • Re-balances the mind
  • Helps you to find a work-life balance
  • Revitalizes you, leaving you looking and feeling better about yourself
  • Openness and awareness develops
  • Finds mental stability
  • Builds up your concentration levels
  • Emotional and spiritual levels can develop
  • Can help you move from discomfort or pain allowing you to cope better